Medicine-On-Time, a CSS Health Company, shows the automatic pill dispenser Circupack in the area of Massachusetts.  Circupack  is  a new system that improves speed, accuracy and service when building blister packs for customized medication regimens.

Color-coded by day and separated by dosing time, this innovative solution helps patients adhere to complex medication regimens. Most significantly, the cost of a CircuPack pill dispenser system enables pharmacies to deliver this high level of individualized service at a fraction the cost of other semi-automated systems.

A CircuPack medicine dispenser machine complies with temperature and humidity protocols. Medicine-On-Time’s mot Next software unifies blister pack management with other Medicine-On-Time options and integrates easily with major pharmacy management systems.

Circupack: Benefits For Medication Adherence

The CircuPack system helps pharmacists:

Enable better adherence to treatment and accuracy for patients and caregivers. Get up to speed instantly with Turnkey medication storage, color coding and label printing Comprehensive on-site training for pharmacists Ready-to-use promotional/instructional material for patients and caregivers. Improve efficiency and reduce workplace stress by preparing medication regimens faster, with fewer errors.

Stay up and running and up-to-date with annual service agreements. Respond to needs for customized blister packs for specialized circumstances. CircuPack blister packs are color-coded by day and separated by dosing time, making it easier for patients and caregivers to know which medicines to take and when to take them. A bar-code and patient photo on each label ensures the right treatment for each individual – they simply follow the color-coded blocks clockwise around the CircuPack. A user-friendly app coordinates with the patient’s or caregiver’s smartphone, reminding them to take the medication.

“A system like this enables pharmacists to play a more essential, integral role in supporting the healthcare organizations and patients they serve,” says Perry Larson, COO at Medicine-On-Time. “We are proud to offer them this breakthrough in affordability and simplicity.”

About Medicine-On-Time and CSS Health Medicine-On-Time, a CSS Health company, improves population health management through automated customized medication management. A leader in the medication adherence market, the company is known for its advanced packaging and distribution solutions. It is an integral component of CSS Health’s comprehensive Medication Therapy Management adherence and compliance drug packaging solutions for health plans, pharmacies, facilities and patients.

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