Enhance patients’ compliance to treatment thanks to the best Monitored Dosage System available for pharmacies

Benefits For Medication Adherence

Circupack enables pharmacists to improve patients’ adherence to medication. Adding a Monitored Dosage System to the array of services offered will ease their day-to-day work, position them as a pharmaceutical care provider and help them increase patient loyalty.

This medical management system leverages top-of-the-line technology to advance patients’ healthcare. Circupack is designed to enhance patients’ compliance to medication and promotes adherence in pharmacy. On the one hand, this pill dispensing machine meets the imperatives of community pharmacies, helping them deliver quality pharmaceutical services. On the other hand, it enables patients to better manage their treatment and reduce errors in medication administration.

Thanks to the pharmacist’s assistance, the blister packs and the Circupack mobile application, the patients improve their compliance to pharmacological treatments.

Stimulating Compliance To Treatment

Community pharmacies are proximity healthcare providers. Patients interact frequently with their pharmacist and seek their help not only for medicine, but also for an array of services.

Personalized Dosing Systems broaden the range of pharmaceutical cares offered and play a key role in the future of pharmacies. They become an essential tool for assisting polymedicated patients and those suffering chronic diseases, helping monitor and enhance treatment compliance.

Thanks to the Circupack pill dispensing machine, pharmacists are more actively involved in medication adherence and can better act as intermediaries between patients and other healthcare professionals.

Patients benefit greatly from this service: it is easier for them to take the prescribed medication correctly, improving so the treatment results.

How It Works

Circupack is a pill dispensing machine promoting adherence in pharmacy. It offers a safer, cleaner and more efficient way to prepare personalized weekly blister packs for each patient.

The blister packs are intuitive to use: each is clearly marked to ensure that patients follow their medical treatment accurately. The mobile application is the perfect companion, reminding patients when to take their medication and contributing to their pharmacotherapeutic adherence.

Added Value For The Pharmacy

Thanks to Circupack, preparing personalized blister packs for each patient becomes a straightforward process. The Monitored Dosage System is a true time and space saver, while minimizing errors in dosage and times of administration.

In addition, Circupack allows pharmacists to enhance their value as healthcare professionals and medication experts, who can then play a pivoting role in patient treatments and better provide personalized pharmaceutical care. Community pharmacies become trusted allies, rewarded by the loyalty of their patients.

In today’s mutating and competitive environment, Circupack enables pharmacies to distinguish themselves, to offer a real added value to their patients and to increase their profitability.