Smart pill dispenser to enhance patient treatment adherence

Pill dispenser with intuitive design

Circupack is a personalized blister pack filled with the patient’s medication for a whole week. Its unique circular shape makes it easier and more intuitive to use, as patients simply move clockwise to the next dose to take their medication.

The Circupack automatic pill dispenser provides a cleaner and more accurate way to fill the blister packs and, as a result, minimizes errors in dosage. A personalized label featuring the treatment information of the patient as well as intuitive symbols and colors is printed on each weekly pill organizer, allowing the patient to easily know when to take their medication. Pharmacists can even add the patient’s picture, so as to recognize at a glance the owner of the blister pack and further avoid confusion in case various people use Circupack in the same home.

Benefits for the patient

The use of a Monitored Dosage System is a time saver for pharmacists, but also includes clear advantages for patients:

  • The medication is correctly organized.
  • The blister packs eliminate the need to handle and store medication. This in turn reduces the number of pills kept at home, creating a safer environment.
  • The patient follows better their treatment.

All these factors increase compliance to medication. With the help of Circupack, it is easier for the patient to take the prescribed dose at the prescribed time. A close adherence to treatment translates into a better control of the patient’s health and a greater quality of life.

Combined with the affiliated mobile application, Circupack is a game changer in adherence to medication.