Our System for improving treatment adherence

Thanks to Medicine-On-Times Circupack, providing individualized blister packs for patients becomes a straightforward and efficient process. This innovative solution uses a circular pill dispenser, color-coded by day and separated by dosing time to help patients follow their medication regimens accurately.

Circupack is a powerful, affordable turnkey solution that enables pharmacies to save time and space by automating medication distribution, improving adherence to treatment for their patients as well as expanding business opportunities and profitability.

Bliste packs for patients


Step-by-step Instructions

The machine’s screen guides the pharmacist to correctly fill the blister packs. To ensure greater safety, Circupack prompts the pharmacist to scan the medications beforehand and counts the pills as they are introduced one by one in the corresponding cases. When the loading process is completed, the blister pack is sealed, and the corresponding label is automatically printed.

Circupack Pill dispenser


Increased Adherence to Treatment with Circupack.

With its circular design and color-coded information, the Circupack medical dispenser blister helps patients to follow their medication regimen more intuitively. In addition to organizing medication, this innovative system reduces the number of pills kept at home, enables patients to better control their treatment and provides a monitoring tool for healthcare professionals. As a result, Circupack contributes to improving patients’ health and quality of life.

Monitored dosage system


Circupack Mobile Application.

Used in association with the Circupack smart pill dispenser, the mobile application reminds patients to take their medication on time. Thanks to the automatically generated alarms, patients follow their treatment more accurately. In addition, recording missed doses enables to track and monitor adherence to medication.