The mobile application is ideal to remind patients to take their medication and improve their adherence to treatment.

How Circupack Mobile App Works

The label printed on the blister pack features a QR code. When scanned on the affiliated mobile application, the program creates alarms corresponding to the prescribed times of administration. The patient can then set and activate the desired reminders, so as to take their medication at breakfast, lunch, dinner or night-time.

When the alarms ring, the patient can:

  • ACCEPT the reminder. This means the patient has the corresponding medication on hand and takes it immediately.
  • DELAY the reminder. The patient does not have the corresponding medication nearby. The application will repeat the alarm in a few minutes.
  • DISMISS the reminder. The patient will not take the medication, whatever the reason might be. The application records that the corresponding dose was missed and reduces the rate of pharmacotherapeutic compliance.

The mobile application for Circupack is available for Android and iOS and does not require or store any personal or medical information.

Benefits For The Patient

Used in association with the Circupack smart pill dispenser, the mobile application reminds patients to take their medication on time. Thanks to the automatically generated alarms, patients follow their treatment more accurately. In addition, recording missed doses enables to track and monitor adherence to medication.

The blister packs and the mobile application form together a valuable tool to ensure better treatment compliance and results.